High, higher, highest: Burj Khalifa

Nobody knows for how long the Burj Khalifa will continue to be the highest tower in the world. For now, the impressive 829.84-metre-high building in Dubai still holds this record. To get an idea of just how tall the Burj Khalifa is, it is twice as high as the imposing Empire State Building in New York.

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A building full of superlatives

A building full of superlatives

Abound in records

The Burj Khalifa can only be described in superlatives. The total construction bill came to an incredible 1.3 billion euro. A square metre of office space costs more than US$43,000. The building has also earned numerous records: it is home to the world’s highest mosque (on the 158th floor) and the highest restaurant (122nd floor). It also boasts more floors than any other building in the world (160 floors).

A blue glow frames the Burj Khalifa

A blue glow frames the Burj Khalifa

360 degree panorama

The building’s construction is a photographer’s dream, both inside and outside. There are 2 distinct times that are ideal for photographing the Burj Khalifa: in the daytime when the structure is framed by the bright blue sky, and at night after sunset, during the so-called ‘blue hour’. These times of the day, right after sunrise or just before sunset, are when the sky turns a striking colour of blue. The best vantage point for taking some spectacular photographs is from the Observation Deck on the 124th floor, which boasts an unimpeded view over the entire city.

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